Memorial Finishes

Memorial Finishes

The six most popular memorial finishes are listed below – please click on any image below to see an enlarged closeup view.


This memorial finish has all its surfaces highly polished to bring out the overall beauty of the granite stone and is our most popular granite memorial finish.

This memorial finish would be easiest described as being rather like an ‘egg shell’ because the surface is perfectly smooth but non-reflective.


This memorial finish has the edges and back sawn with the remaining design/ornamentation perfectly polished to achieve a contrasting finish.

This memorial finish has the face and top of the base highly polished but the edges are rough pitched. The back of the memorial is normally unpolished.


Relief Engraving or forever lasting letters is engraving the whole face of the stone Which then leaves the lettering raised and the polished colour of the stone. This process involves no paint which is why many refer to it as forever lasting letters. This process is great on dark granites and soft stones.

This memorial finish is soft stone which are easier to work with than hard stones like granite. Soft stone are there for now in a favorable class for churches because they weather well which matches the churches surroundings. Types of soft stone are white marble – portland stone – yorkstone – nebressina – slate – Cotswold stone and bath stone.

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