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Materials For Memorial Headstones

There are several materials used as granite memorial headstones such as a variety of natural stones to various metals. Among the most popular memorial headstone materials used today are granite.

Granite Memorial Headstones

Memorial Headstones are constructed from materials such as natural stone and bronze. The most durable natural stone for memorial headstones is granite. Granite is among the world’s most beautiful and prestigious natural stones. For hundreds of years artisans have chosen granite for impressive public memorials, religious works of art and cemetery memorial headstones. Granite is also one of the Earth’s hardest minerals and its durable quality makes it a perfect choice for memorial headstones and polishes to a beautiful finish.

Granite memorial headstones are accepted in most cemeteries across the UK. Each granite memorial headstone exhibits intricate designs that are skillfully carved by experienced craftsmen. It is available in many different colours and lends itself perfectly to very intricate lettering and finely etched design work. Our line of granite memorial headstones are made to strict standards and will stand the test of time.

Some customers including local regulations may insist on a much softer stone. You can see examples of other materials on our memorial colours page.

Please understand that we only use the best natural materials which are of course subject to natural colour variations and shading.

Other types of stone may be available but possibly not generally used to produce a memorial. If you specify a particular material not used in our normal range please contact us and we can advise on its suitability and/or availability.

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