Example Inscriptions

Example Inscriptions

Somerville Stone will not use standard inscription templates. All our inscriptions are structured from the start to follow our customers individual requirements. Some inscription examples listed below give a guide to the correct layout and structure of most memorial inscriptions.

Please keep in mind that a simple inscription looks much more tasteful than one with lots of wording on it. Please also keep in mind that a further inscription might be required in the future so room will need to be left available for the additional inscription in future

Structuring A Memorial’s Inscription

The structure of a memorial inscription and the number of letters is extremely important and has a great bearing on the appearance of the memorial. All the examples displayed below are the same size standard burial headstone and base set. (Overall height 33” – overall width 24”).


Single Inscription

Single Inscription Half

This memorial example has approximately 67 letters.

Because the memorial is only half full with inscription

there’s still room to add another inscription in future.








Single Inscription

Single Inscription Full

This middle example has approximately 77 letters.

This is a typical inscription for one person as the

inscriptions has been spread out over the whole

memorial headstone, no further inscriptions can

be added.






Double Inscription

Double Inscription Full

This bottom example has approximately 118 letters.

In this memorial example you can see we have two

seperate inscriptions suitable for two persons. More

can be added to the front face of the memorial

base should you require.





Example Inscriptions

The images below demonstrate our more popular inscriptions which are suitable for most memorial gravestones. If you would like to see a full list of lettering styles please contact us for further information.

Lettering Styles